Pinewood Supper Club, Mosinee

Pinewood Supper Club, Mosinee, Wisconsin

Rating: 5 out of 5 Old Fashioneds

Relish Tray: yes, with the most delicious veggie dip
Price Range: entrees range from about $15 to about $30
Ambiance: classic lakeside supper club

The Pinewood Supper Club is located on Half-Moon lake in Mosinee, WI. We started our experience at the Pinewood by sitting down at the bar and ordering a couple brandy old-fashioned sours with pickled mushrooms. While the exterior looks rustic, the interior of the bar area looks like it has been updated recently. Remodeling a supper club can be a little dicey, because you don’t want to lose any of the charm and history in the process. We think the Pinewood did a pretty good job doing a classy update while still maintaining the “northwoods lodge” feel that you would expect.

The bar was dark and cozy, and featured a few artificial trees decorated with string lights. There were also some framed and signed photos of Aaron Rodgers and other Green Bay Packers. We enjoyed our old-fashioneds for about a half-hour, and then were led to our table.

The Pinewood is very committed to running their supper club in an environmentally sustainable way. It makes a lot of sense for a supper club set amongst such natural beauty. One of the ways in which they follow through with this commitment is with the water glasses on the table which are made from old wine bottles which had been served at the restaurant. The restaurant also uses a Smart Car parked out front for catering services.

The dining room has a much more vintage feel than the bar, with warm toned pine wood paneling from floor to ceiling. We started off our meal with the complementary relish tray with delicious homemade dip, and we also selected a “seafood quesadilla” as an appetizer, a specialty of the restaurant. It’s a unique take on a quesadilla, served open faced with cheese, shrimp, crab, scallops, and a creamy sauce. It’s also served with a lemon wedge, which adds a bit of zest.

Next was the salad and freshly baked rolls. I selected blue cheese dressing and Jean had hers with French. We were offered fresh ground pepper on our salad by our server, which we accepted. The salad was with a mix of greens, homemade croutons and homemade dressing. The rolls were served warm, and had an herb flavor.

For our entrees, I selected prime rib with sauteed mushrooms, and Jean selected the shrimp carbonara. My prime was excellent. Jean’s shrimp carbonara came with a creamy sauce that reminded me  more of alfredo than carbonara, but it was still delicious. My prime rib came with a choice of potato, and I selected a “cheese puff”. A cheese puff is a breaded and deep fried ball of cheesy mashed potatoes with a gooey melted cheese center. Jean was jealous of my cheese puff, so I convinced her to give me about half of her pasta for the rest of the puff after I had a few bites. 

We were too stuffed for desert. Our server gave us a generous handful of after dinner mints “for the road”, some of which remain as of today in the pocket of the cardigan sweater I wore to dinner that night. If you ever find yourself in the greater Wausau area without dinner plans, do yourself a favor and try the Pinewood Supper Club. 

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