Connell’s Supper Club, Chippewa Falls

Connell’s Supper Club, Chippewa Falls

Rating: a solid 4 out of 5 Old Fashioneds

Relish Tray: Yes, complete with pickled herring
Salad: “Crisp Green Vegetable Salad”
Ice Cream Drinks: available
Ambiance: traditional, typical supper club

We arrived at Connell’s at just the right time to roll up to a supper club – 4:30pm sharp on a Tuesday “night”. The bar area was dark and friendly, with a few other customers, many of whom seemed to be locals. Behind the orange linoleum bar, the bartender greeted the regulars with a comfortable “look who’s coming in now”, or a “about time you showed up.”

The Old Fashioneds went down easy, and at $4 each – we didn’t mind having more than one. We both had them served brandy sour, with a mushroom. Apparently, in Chippewa Falls, it’s not so common to order your Old Fashioned with a mushroom, but the bartender was very friendly and happy to oblige.

Since we arrived early, there were only a handful of other tables when we sat down to eat, though the bar area had filled up quite a bit. To start, we tried “Connell’s Handmade White Curds. The batter was crispy and about as light as fried cheese can be, and the curds pleasantly cheesy, salty and delicious.

Dinners at Connell’s are served with a relish tray, choice of potato, a “cracker basket”, dinner rolls, and a “crisp green vegetable salad” or soup. Relish trays these days are few and far between, and this one had an extra special treat – pickled herring. When the server left the tray at our table, Owen did a little dance of delight. There are few things in this world Owen loves as much as pickled herring, in fact I buy him a jar each year for Christmas to go in his stocking (which has a picture of pickled herring on it). Along with the herring, the tray was pretty classic – radish, carrots, green onions – and just right.

The dinner rolls arrived to our table warm, and in three varieties, accompanied by more crackers than Owen and I could hope to eat in a week. There’s something nice about being served three types of (presumably) homemade bread, as well as a plethora of generic crackers. This homage to the pre-meal carbohydrate really illustrates one of the cornerstones of supper clubs – it’s all about plenty.

Though it seems like a small detail, one of my favorite things about Connell’s was the salad plate. In my humble opinion, the glass cabbage leaf style plate adds significant satisfaction to the classic side salad.

For our entrees, I ordered the pork chop and Owen ordered the liver and onions, because of course he did. The pork chop was served with applesauce, and perhaps a bit past medium. Owen enjoyed his liver, bacon and onions like only he can. After a quick Google search, we both selected the “lyonnaise” potatoes, which ended up being pretty similar to a hash brown. We are still not sure if we were served hash browns, or if we just had a different expectation of lyonnaise potatoes. Either way, they were huge plates of potatoes, so I was happy. Even happier when the waitress brought some delicious herbed sour cream.

In the end, our bill was less than $40. Sure, I’ve had better food at a supper club, but Connell’s certainly hit a lot of marks for us. At one point, the bartender said to us, “We just love it when young people come to supper clubs”. While we’re not that young, we sure do love supper clubs – and we would love to come back to Connell’s. 

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